What’s your choice?

May 2017 edition

What’s your choice?

Article summary

It’s our choice to be content and spend a happy life! Why you ruin it with some stupid choices? It’s time to ask and act accordingly! Coz, there is no one to do it for yourself!

You create your own standard.  This is how “I” eat… this is what “I” eat. This is how “I” wear… this is how “I” live… Etc… etc… Then you need to maintain your baby… Your own creation call “My living standard”. 

You need to earn money, more & more effort to maintain what you created.  The Race Begin…

There comes world of problems… You are stress… You are distress…  Just because you need to maintain…

Something you created by your own self! 

Who is responsible for this?  Solely you are responsible for this! 

Do you get it!

Ask yourself why you are seeking for problems? While you have more proper solutions to adopt.  Ask yourself!

Why can’t you be flexible to change your life style according to what you earn. 

Then there will be no stress and only peace will stay in the mind. 

You are solely responsible of feeding your ego and creating more & more ego layers… And Yes of course the stress & issues… so & so… It’s useless to blame & complaining others for not supportive enough to maintain your EGO according to your wish. 

Look in to yourself.  Maybe you are wise enough to understand & correct this tiny mistakes which happens within you!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka