Sincere commitment or...?

August 2023 edition

Sincere commitment or...?

Article summary

There are disciples who retreat quickly...They say, "I tried my best, but no results!"... And some of them disappoint soon and try to stop walking in the path of liberation. They give so many excuses. So, if such thoughts occur to you what would you do? I thought, it is appropriate to use this month's Editorial to share some tips and thoughts to inquire about these matters with awareness, when they arise.

How many years you have spent in School?  I mean in Sri Lanka we spent about 13 years for schooling.  At least 200 days out of 365 days... We spent about 5 to 6 hours a day learning related subjects. Likewise, you may also have spent some years in your junior classes and then high school etc.  My point is, that after all these years when we fail in a subject or few, did we blame to outside reasons? 

If we were weak in a subject at the end of all those 13 years... If we didn't pass the exams... We didn't blame the school or the teachers... did we? Because, a sensible person would have known that he or she failed because of his or her lack of devotion.  We failed because we did not devote to finetune things according to the way the teachers had shown to us. We knew that the more we committed, the more we would get results, and that's the reason we didn't blame for others.

Not only the time of schooling, think about anything which you have dedicated your time, effort and everything to achieve something you really wanted.  Think about the time & effort you put to have a successful life.  From preparing the meal to every bigger thing in your life, you would know that results come according to the way you committed to that certain matter correctly.

But then when it comes to the path of liberation, some of you who listen to sermons and claim to be on the path to Nirvana, always complain, "Where are the results of this path...? why aren't I still not getting anything...? is the teaching right or not...? is the preacher right or not ...? Maybe I did not have enough merit nor wisdom... no use of putting effort... no wisdom... etc... etc..."  As you see many are so hurry to abandoning the dedication.

Now if you feel the same, if you come across such devastating thoughts like these which harms to your path of liberation, there is this investigation which you should do. 

Examine, how sincerely you listen to the teachings every day and how you apply them to your life with awareness and wisdom.  When asked to examine how you do these sincerely, it doesn't count the way you do it lightly. 

For an example; most of the time many are listening to the recordings of a teaching while doing other activities... may be driving... or may be cooking or may be even while going to sleep.  Did you learn or study your subjects in school like this?  It's like playing some background music while doing something very important… only difference here is that the background score itself is the important thing which you should focus.  How on earth you believe that you will get the results after listening to a deep teaching in such manner?

And again, when asked to meet the noble friends whom guide you, you always keen on doing online meetings.  Not dedicated enough to find a time or effort to meet them in personally by paying a visit.  Let's say even once a month you do pay a visit to meet the teacher or friends who guide you in the path, but then examine how your focus was? The focus is all over the place or something you heard or read in the past or may be something else in your life.  See, how you are missing your sincere dedication!  That’s why that kind of a dedication doesn’t count here!

So, my dear dhamma friends! Be wise… Be sincere for what you are doing!  Coz you can!  And then you can see how fruitful your dedication is!  Have a blessed time!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka