The Best Path!

December 2011 edition

The Best Path!

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This Nice Note I found in Group from FaceBook call "Path to Freedom...Gautam Buddha Sasana" and this has shared by XIANG YU! I believe we all should understand this nicely & follow the path quickly as possible!

Best of the paths is the eight fold,

Best of the truths the four;

Best of the virtues is freedom from attachment;

Best of the people is the one who sees.

This is the path;

There is no other that leads to the purifying of insight.

Follow this path, and Mara will be confused.

If you follow this path, you will end your suffering.

This path was preached by me; when I became aware of the removal of the thorns.

You yourself must make the effort.

The perfected ones are only preachers.

Those who enter the path and practice meditation

are released from the bondage of Mara.

"All created things perish."

Whoever realizes this transcends pain; this is the clear path.

"All created things are sorrow."

Whoever realizes this transcends pain; this is the clear path.

 "All forms are unreal."

Whoever realizes this transcends pain; this is the clear path.

Whoever does not rise when it is time to rise,

who, though young and strong, is lazy,

who is weak in will and thought,

that lazy and idle person will not find the path of wisdom.

Watching one's speech, restraining well the mind,

let one not commit any wrong with one's body.

Whoever keeps these three roads of action clear,

will make progress on the path taught by the wise.

Through meditation wisdom is gained;

through lack of meditation wisdom is lost.

Whoever knows this double path of progress and decline,

should place oneself so that wisdom will grow.

Cut down the forest of desires, not just a tree; danger is in the forest.

When you have cut down the forest and its undergrowth,

then, mendicants, you will be free.

As long as the desire, however small,

of a man for women is not destroyed,

so long is his mind attached, like a sucking calf is to its mother.

Cut out the love of self, like an autumn lotus, with your hand.

Cherish the path of peace. Nirvana has been shown by the Buddha!

 "Here I shall live in the rain, here in winter and summer."

Thus thinks the fool, not thinking of death.

Death comes and carries off that person

who is satisfied with one's children and flocks,

whose mind is distracted, like a flood carries off a sleeping village.

Sons are no help, nor a father, nor relations;

for one who is seized by death, there is no safety in family.

Understanding the meaning of this, the wise and just person

should quickly clear the path that leads to nirvana!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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