It’s a game of mind!!!

May 2015 edition

It’s a game of mind!!!

Article summary

Let’s try to understand the true phenomena of the mind through a little yet powerful Zen Buddhist story!

Imagine that you & your beloved one is playing a chess game. There is a third person who force to win or else both of you should get ready to kill. He pointing a gun at your head and ask to start the game.

What will happen… one should win somehow… the both of you start the game with fear…. doubt on your mind… restlessness is there… imagine how critical that moment can be to you and the other beloved one…

You both take your moves… one by one… one should reach to the winning… both of you are sweating… shivering… feel helpless… but still you are at the gun point… still you should be with the game… one of you MUST win… one of you MUST ready to die…

Suddenly you realize your next move of the game can take the life of your beloved one… so you keep tricking and dragging the game as much as possible… then your beloved one begin to win… now you must ready to die…

Then suddenly…!!!! Yes all of sudden….

The third person smash the chess board and chess pieces are all over the ground… the game FINISHED!!!

Be wise! Grab the hidden deep meaning which cause to bring you true happiness to your life!!!

You believed on the game as it were so real! You believed on the pieces and that's why you were so scared to play your moves. You even was ready to give up your life for a game which created by you. You were ready to die for a piece and given such a huge value to the piece…

But you didn't realize the whole game & its moves are all created by you… and you didn't notice that you are the one who believe in those pieces and given such a value to those and even ready to die for them…

It was simple to get rid from the fear… from all kind of restlessness you were going through… you just had to do the thing which third person has done… but why you were so scared? Why didn't you remember it? Because it's what you believe… you can't think beyond of your belief!

So, no one can save you, become your own savior!   You should do it all by yourself!    

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka