Buddhism in Sign Languages

The pure Buddhism, in another name “Nirvana Dhamma” provides the perfect platform to experience the noble silence which is something invisible for the defiled minds. But, the pure Buddhism which leads us to the real happiness with wisdom is something rare in this world. For the deaf, it is indeed something not exist at all… but not anymore…

Buddhism in Sign Languages

  01 March 2014

“Nirvana Dhamma” has finally taken something challenging in terms of sharing The Pure Buddhism with those who are not so familiar with the subject by listening to it.  Yes, the Buddhism is something not so familiar among the deaf communities around the world.  Pure Buddhism & its practices are not so popular even among the hearing people, as it is a deep philosophy to understand.   But, I believe everyone equally has the right to know about everything and make their own decision. 

So in here we give you the chance to experience the noble Dhamma / Buddhism through your very own Sign Languages… "Nirvana Dhamma" has taken the first step to share this noble Dhamma through various Sign Languages around the world. It’s successfully spreading fast in Sri Lanka with Sri Lankan Sign Languages by giving the happiest hearts as a result.   

It’s all up to you to make your own decision as an intelligent human being.  There is no one to order … no one to punish… it’s all comes with the wisdom… it’s the more wonderful journey to search your own self!  So, Have a blessed time and keep in touch with us with your blessings!