Highly Important!

You may be interest in Buddhism or you may already have started practicing Buddhism.  May be that’s the main reason why you are hear… reading this site…

But first of all, there is a very important question you must ask your own self.  That is “WHY I NEED BUDDHISM?” 

If you don’t have a proper question, you won’t end up with the proper answer… if your search is in wrong place or with wrong thing, then your question won’t drive you to the answer.  So, it’s highly important to know your exact need of having Buddhism in your life!

Especially these days as we are getting so many duplicate brands on Buddhism, it’s better to be aware of every important thing which you already missed & must consider before explore the Buddhism.   Otherwise you won't be able to experience the pure essence of Buddhism which leads you to the ultimate liberation!

So, here I am sharing some key points of my life which I had questions and how those questions end up with providing me the correct answers. Also, some important points which we should think about before making any decisions!