Agitated listening!

Hope you remember what we previously discussed and experienced practically. That is exactly what happen when you listen to things with previous knowledge. There is certain amount of data processing are going on while you are listening to something with some knowledge of it!

Agitated listening!

  05 May 2012

What kind of knowledge we are talking about here? 

The previous knowledge of Buddhism… the data which you already have in your mind… you begin to process them while you are listening… you begin to compare them… it’s just like you have switched on your background music score like we practically experienced little while ago.

You assume and you feel like you are listening to the originals… But actually, you are not… what happen is you just hear some sound of speaking… but nothing to listen there… you end up with what you already know and what you chose to listen from your own channel played inside while listening… In this way, you just able to collect some knowledge only. 

So, what important while listening to Dhamma is a proper focus on what you listen without playing your own audio tracks in your mind. 

As for an example… imagine that you are trying to learn a foreign language… to capture the perfect pronunciation you have to listen to it in a perfect focus.  If you do so you will end up by knowing the pronunciation just at the end of the listening. 

Imagine you are listening to a new kind of recipe of some delicious cuisine. You have no data or any previous knowledge about the recipe or the food which you are going to learn next.  So, if you are really really interest on knowing it… then your focus is at its best with such an enthusiasm… you blank your mind and fully focus to what you listen… at the end of the listening you get the whole idea of the recipe and the food which you just listened.  Isn’t that what happen? 

So, that’s why interest is highly important… the more you interest the more you listen with perfect focus… aren’t we?  That’s how interest become the key point to a beginner too!

Now remember, don’t listen with agitated mind.  Coz they only deceive you!