Where to look?

The other misleading point is the place where we look in for the truth. When you listen to the Dhamma your mind naturally guiding you to apply what you hear for the external world you experience. Isn’t it? Let's talk about another effect of agitated listening!

Where to look?

  05 May 2016

That’s why you always end up with the external births, decay, diseases, death when describe the suffering.  This is why perfect listening is really important.  If not, you always end up by judging according to the knowledge you already have.  You begin to apply what you hear for the external world you experience and end up with wrong conclusions. 

These conclusions sometimes bring you temporary relief.  But trust me if you can, coz the real understanding or realization is far more peaceful than you can imagine. 

So, make sure you are not applying Dhamma to the external world you experience through your 5 senses.  Dhamma is to identify the illusion which creates through the 5 senses. 

And what most of the people do is judging the Dhamma itself through the same illusion.  How on earth you will get the sense of the truth when you come to conclusions through some illusions? 

So, it is important to keep that in your mind to realize something which you have never experience before.  Something beyond 5 senses.  Something beyond knowledge.  Something not belongs to the external world you experience in your day to day life.  Something completely unknown to you yet known to you!