SLSL - Sri Lankan Sign Language

This is started as a joint venture with “Ahanna (listen)” video production house for Sri Lankan Deaf Community.  Kasun Chandana Jayathunga is the founder of “Ahanna (listen)” and “Nirvana Dhamma” become the official Dhamma provider and consultant for his venture for the Sri Lankan Deaf Community.    

“Ahanna Nirvana Dhamma” programs are now successfully spreading throughout the Sri Lanka by healing more & more hearts around the country.  Through this venture we held monthly Dhamma programs, we create DVDs which includes Buddhist teachings and distribute them free for the Sri Lankan Deaf Community, and we give these wonderful community the best experience as much as possible to touch the deep pure Dhamma in every possible way.  

Because we believe it is not possible to develop the society without developing the mind through spiritually.  And we are already succeeded in our venture with the support of many other compassionate hearts.