May you find THE TRUTH

  11 December 2022

Article summary

The Ultimate truth is highly unreachable to those who trapped in 6 senses, and it demands certain level of skills to reach it. That’s why purest Buddhist Teaching is so rare, although it seems like easily reachable.

Whether it is Theravada or Mahayana or Vajrayana or Zen or anything else, not all the so - called Buddhist teachings are Real Buddhist Teachings which explains the depth and explains the eternal ultimate truth.  That’s because most of the disciples who teaches the Buddhism haven’t touched the depth and explain in surface level. 

So, like the interview ends and like I always remember you through “Nirvana Dhamma” explanations, “The QUESTION of what matters the most than the answer”. 

So, question yourself and what you believe… this kind of scientifical explanations is so supportive to break the spell of relative truth, and start the journey to the Noble truth! 

Buddhism is indeed THE SCIENCE. But not the science your 6 senses are telling you as the science.  So, be wise to understand the science first, beyond the theories and all the scientifical explanations.  And when you feel the science, your doors will be open to the actual Science beyond the 6 senses and your journey begins to the theory of everything which is not a theory but the eternal noble truth. 

Till then, try not to deceived by the explanations of The Ultimate Noble Truths, which are just based on relative & absolute truths.

May this short explanation become a light to your true search.  May this will make you aware of the level which you should seek as the Buddhist Teachings! May you not miss the opportunity of realizing the Ultimate Eternal Truth and liberate in the rarest time period of a Samma SamBuddha!  May you find the rarest Buddhist Teachings!  May you find THE TRUTH!