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  11 December 2022

Article summary

First watch the Video with given link.

Let’s watch the Video through this link…

And this is the introduction they have given to their wonderful interview. 

“Your eyes and ears don’t tell you the truth. That’s not what they’re for. The senses evolved to enable us to survive and succeed in the world, not to represent it accurately. Now, for the first time, science is revealing exactly how the sense organs receive information, process it, and pass it to the brain, providing deep insight into why we experience the world the way we do—and what it might be like for future technology to transform such experiences, perhaps allowing us to see infrared light or feel magnetic north. Join an eminent group of neuroscientists and philosophers for an ear, tongue, nose and eye-opening adventure that challenges everything we experience in search of the true nature of reality”.

And this is the link to get more info:

Ok, now to the message which I need to share with you all!