Don't be the reason for this!

September 2023 edition

Don't be the reason for this!

Article summary

Once this Thero asked the blessed one, “Venerable sir, why formerly there were fewer disciplinary rules, but more awaken arhath bhikkhus, while now there are more disciplinary rules but fewer awaken arhath bhikkhus. What is the cause, what are the reasons?” So, most of the people are asking a same kind of question these days too. “Why there are not much achievers in the path of liberation these days?” Let’s discussed the answer of the blessed one in this Editorial to understand the cause & reasons!

Our Most venerable Great Arhath Maha Kassapa Thero asked this question and the blessed one replied like this; “That’s the way it is, Kassapa. When beings are worsening and the true Dhamma is disappearing there are more disciplinary rules but fewer bhikkhus are awakening.  Kassapa, the true Dhamma does not disappear so long as a fake of the true Dhamma has not arisen in the world” (The Pali Canon - Linked Discourses (Samyuththa Nikaya) – Nidana Wagga – Kassapa Samyuththa – Kassapa Wagga – Saddhammappatirūpaka Sutta (The Imitation of the True Teaching)… And the blessed one kept explaining!

Let’s say for an example, we have rules to follow as citizens.  Let’s say someone break the rules.  Then, he or she gets a court order of following more rules than the standard ones.  Like, not to leave the house… not to leave the area… not to leave the country etc…  but then that person breaks them too.  Then he or she ordered to follow more rules.  Like he or she can be imprisoned.  Why these levels of rules exist?  Because there are beings who doesn’t care or respect the rules or understand the subject of discipline.  As you can see the more rules means that there is a someone whom doesn’t care for the rules or no respect for the discipline.

So, then our Samma Sambuddha explained same happens with the Sambuddha Sasana too.  Whether it’s a Bhikkhu or Bhikkhuni or Upasaka laymen or Upasika Laywomen there is these 5 things that leads to destroy the longevity of a Sambuddha Sasana if practice.  When the fake explanations arise by the name of true dhamma, everything becomes fake.  So, you should examine within whether you also have these 5 things.  It doesn’t matter how strongly you claim that you are a Buddhists and a true practitioner of Buddhism.  If you are misleading by the fake dhamma you have these 5 things developing within.

“What are the five? Here the bhikkhus, the bhikkhunis, the male lay followers (Upasaka), and the female lay followers (Upasika) dwell without respect and admiration towards the Teacher (Samma Sambuddha); they dwell without respect and admiration towards the Teaching (Noble Dhamma); they dwell without respect and admiration towards the true disciples of Sambuddha Sasana (Noble Sangha); they dwell without respect and admiration towards the discipline; they dwell without respect and admiration towards True Focus (Samadhi). These, Kassapa, are the five harmful things that lead to the decay and disappearance of the true Dhamma and a longevity of a Sambuddha Sasana.

Nowadays we could see such fake teachings becoming so popular by the name of Noble Dhamma.  Most of them explains nihilism as the true Buddhism.  They have mistaken the deep emptiness explained in the true teaching and guide the practitioners to practice something which is not true deep Buddhist teachings. 

So, we can see that most of the fake teachings quite popular as true teachings guiding the listeners by saying that there is no use of offerings, no use of respecting the teacher or teaching as they are all illusions… there is no such specialty in generosity or conducting a virtues life. That the heavenly path is strictly prohibited in Buddhism… No use of following or protecting the disciplinary rules as they are not related to awakening… everything is useless and illusion and empty and if you think or do anything you will be a fool etc… etc…

So, unfortunately those who are fascinated towards these types of teachings believes they are so wise and developing the true path of liberation and while they are lack of noble qualities, respect towards the blessed one or the teaching or anything related to true liberation.  And, also most of them are practicing fake focus which is not explained in the deep Buddhist teachings too.  So, the more they mislead with the face Samadhi (False Focus) they are keep getting away from the true focus which one should achieve through the deep dhamma.

So, listen carefully… be wise not to become a one who is responsible to damage the true dhamma or longevity of this rare Sambuddha Sasana. 

By just claiming   that I’m a true practitioner or true Buddhist doesn’t means you could become one.  You have to be responsible… you have to be careful and wise… you have to be humble and develop the noble qualities within by listening respectfully.  Understand the depth and you can become an awaken one without a delay!  Just be wise enough to put your effort in the right place.  True dedication and respectful nature with noble qualities always leads to the true results!  Have a blessed time dear one!!! 

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka