Cosmic facts from Buddhism

September 2018 edition

Cosmic facts from Buddhism

Article summary

Once Ven. Bhikku Ananda was the primary attendant of the great Samma Sambuddha. The venerable used to asked many questions whenever time permitted for him. Once he asked what is the possible distance which blessed one can spread the noble voice is? Samma Sambuddha then replied, it’s a long-distance Ven. Ananda… it’s a very very long distance… like far far away from our vocabulary.

But Ven. Ananda wanted to know the exact distance.  You know being stubborn in a good way sometimes helpful to get little bit of more details.  So, Ven. Ananda was bit stubborn on this question and asked for more details.  Well, I would say it turned well, as Great Samma Sambuddha gave a quite detailed version of some universal facts. 

This Sutta is on Tripitaka (The Pali Canon) > Aṅguttara Nikāya 1 > 3. Tika Nipāta > 3. Anandavaggo > 10th Sutta (unfortunately I couldn’t find any translation to this sutta – So, please bear with me for my poor attempt)

“If there is such a place where a Suns & Moons are brightens, that place is called the thousand single world-system – Dahasak Cakkavāḷa.

(Cakkavāḷa intimating something circular, a "wheel" system. In modern parlance it would be called a solar system | and then the Dahasak means thousand) So, Dahasak Cakkavāḷa can be approximately interpreted as thousand solar system. 

In this thousand Solar System (Dahasak Cakkavāḷa) there are 1000 moons, 1000 suns, 1000 mount Maha Meru, 1000 Jambudveepa - A plane of human realms, 1000 Aparagoyana – Another plane of human realms which resides another kind of humans, 1000 Uthutukutu islands – again another plane of human realms (according to the description available in Buddhism these humans are more kind of the aliens which we are now describing of.  Short human shape but with big heads etc…) 1000 Poorvavideha – again another human realm, 1000 four biggest oceans, 1000 four biggest kingdoms, 1000 four god realms, 1000 Tavatimsa god realms, 1000 Yama god realms, 1000 Thusitha God realms, 1000 Nimmanarathi God realms, 1000 Paranimmitha God Realms, 1000 Brahma world realms.  And all these are called thousand Solar System (Dahasak Cakkavāḷa).  A collection of one thousand solar systems are called a "Thousandfold minor world-system" (sahasri culanika lokadhatu). Or small Chiliocosm.”

And Samma Sambuddha continued…

“A collection of 1,000 times 1,000 world-systems (one thousand squared) is a "thousand-fold to the second power middling world-system" (dvisahassi majjhima lokadhatu). Or medium dichiliocosm. 

The largest grouping, which consists of one thousand cubed world-systems, is called the "tisahassi mahasassi lokadhatu". Or great trichiliocosm.”

The Tathagata the great Samma Sambuddha further explained more about these world systems and said,

“if I wished, could effect my voice throughout a great trichiliocosm. I do so by suffusing the trichiliocosm with my radiance, at which point the inhabitants of those world-systems will perceive this light, and then proceeds to extend my voice throughout that realms”

Isn’t this so cool?  Ven. Ananda felt the same way.  And venerable expressed his feelings by telling “Oh, wow, I’m serving to such a magically powerful noble teacher which is indeed a blessings for me!”

My point here is not to explain all these facts which revealed by great Samma Sambuddha. Coz, all I know and sure of one thing is that when one realized the depth of pure Buddhism, he / she will never doubt the ability of great Samma Sambuddha saying these facts and it’s not a surprise at all.  And also feels so cool and happy about the noble one’s abilities. 

I am pointing out these facts to share something else with you all.  It’s a big universe you see! We have yet to explore more, but still we are behaving ignorantly with the little we know which we believe is the everything about universe.  We believe there are no gods, we believe there are no human realms other than us, we believe there no aliens… we believe whatever the things which are not reachable from our little knowledge are myths and false facts. 

And also, we spent most of the time to argue about all of these things and humiliate the religions and their teachings, and yes, the followers.  Also, we are spending more times on discovering material stuffs which are reachable for our senses. 

But if you felt at least for a second that all those things which we believe is nothing compared to the facts which we are actually doesn’t know yet, that actually a wise thought for a wise being.

And also, if you are one of those who have become egoistic because of the spiritual powers you attained through meditation and all… as you can see those are nothing compared to the powers which a Great Samma Sambuddha had.

And then you will find that this is the perfect time to question yourself.  Question yourself, that are you doing the right thing?  Have you put your energy on the right thing?  Are you in search of the deep within?

So, my dear dhamma friends this simple article is to use as an eye opener.   One should stop wasting time on finding useless things as there is actually no end for it.  One should use their time & energy to find something fruitful to own self as well as to the other beings.  That is to start the journey to search within.  You will be definitely able to find many more things which you have never believe actually exists.  As a human we are gifted!  But we don’t know it until we discover it!  So, it’s time now!!!

Have a blessed time!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka