Into the peace!!!

February 2015 edition

Into the peace!!!

Article summary

The noble Bhikku Ven. Waharaka Abhayarathanalankara (Sri Lanka) is one who always giving such noble guidance to complete the path of nirvana for those who seek it! I thought it's good to copy some points from one of his sermon for the betterment of everyone!

When a worm got a piece of shit from the toilet … the worm shouts "look here what I got… what a treasure I got… how lucky I am … you don't have such a chance… yeayyyy!!!" This is an example…

Likewise the worm is enjoying the piece of shit the worldly beings are enjoying the world which is not worthier than a piece of shit.   The noble disciples doesn't carried away with the pleasure of world which are similar to shit. Only those who clinging to everywhere without knowing the reality does carried away with the worldly stuffs!

Worldly beings expect something and they receive something else… the expectation is to be happy and peaceful… but at the end of the day they receive the stress and uneasiness… when you run behind a thing which is bound to be destruction & death what will be the results? Do you think that you will be able to fulfill your expectations? Or else will you receive something which is not expected at all?

We never actually received what we expected… there is always a cheating… we actually receive something else which is we never expected… but we can't see it through the 5 senses… so we always get deluded and cheated by the circumstance which make us believe that we received what we expected. So we should be careful until we realizes the unseen truth!

The more you become hard on your behaviors to achieve what you expect the results also getting harder & harder on you. It's natural that you will be guided towards to the 10 defilement according to your expectations. The more you follow the path of defilement the more you attracted towards the worldly pleasure which comes with unlimited sufferings…   but we always intoxicate with the pleasure so we can't see the danger so we believe all went well… everything is so good … what a nice world!

Imagine two people who are about to fight… they scold each other with bad words… then one point the fist to punch the other and other person follow the same… one pick up a stone to hit the other and other person follow the same… one run away and bring a pistol and other person also will find at least a bomb to blast the other person who pointed pistol on him… this is what happen… what is the reason?

Let’s continue the rest for the next month’s editorial to experience the bliss of noble dhamma!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka