Mind Check

June 2021 edition

Mind Check

Article summary

Have you ever wondered of checking your thoughts? How they behave and what are they based on? Have you ever wondered what your mind is up to throughout the day? Let’s have a ride in to our inner thought. Let’s find out who we actually are!

Have you ever thought about how you wake up in the morning and how you spend your mornings?  What about the thoughts you are having?  What kind of a mind set you are having in the morning?  Do you have greedy thoughts?  For an example do you think about what you have and what you have not in your life? 

Whether it is at home or school or work place or anywhere you go with your mind.  So, how your mind works throughout the morning?  Is it filled with greediness and the neediness for various pleasures?  Just check on them!

And then check if your whole morning filled with these kinds of thoughts as a result you get a noon filled with anger, worries, stress, doubts, jealousy, ego and all the toxics which toxic enough to ruin your life. 

For an example let’s say you were thinking about something you don’t have in your life in the morning… as a result of that thought then comes the next thought why it is not in your life… then again as a result another thought who’s responsible and what cause it and why you can’t have it and others do and etc… etc… endless!

Then the noon begins with the thoughts which arise because of the morning thoughts.  By the time it is filled with worries, stress, anger, jealousy and all the other possible toxics.   And noon continues… and you get tired by the afternoon…

As a result, you seek for something pleasurable. Clubs, drinks, sex, casinos, drugs etc… etc… you will find hard of sleeping in a calm & quite environment. Because your mind is toxic now as a result of how you thought from the morning. 

And if in the night time you fail to fulfill your desires that baggage goes to next morning session.  Next morning you again start thinking what you have and what you haven’t.  greediness for what you already have & also for what you don’t have… and then again, the noon with toxic thoughts.  And then the next night also seeking for the pleasures.

As you see, it’s a vicious cycle, which ruin your day.  And day by day it is becoming your life.  And see, at the end your life is filled with toxic and you waste most of your life with toxic thoughts. 

So, take the control my dear friends, take the control.  It’s your choice!  This is not happening because of some super natural powers which controls you.  IT IS PURELY YOUR CHOICE! BE AWARE!

Just take a moment to check on your thought at the morning.  May be as soon as you wake up… may be while you are brushing your teeth… may be while you are having your morning coffee… may be while you are driving or on the way to your school or work place… anytime… just some where in the morning to check the morning dose.  Then you will be able to identify easily and take the control of your morning dose of thoughts.

Then noon will be the result of the morning does and in the night, you will be able to enjoy a real good night! And as a result, you are going to own a more energetic yet so peaceful and a clear mind which leads you to experience all the actual wonders of a true human life!  So, have a blessed time dear friend!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka