From a view of a human being

June 2012 edition

From a view of a human being

Article summary

As a human being I notice many things… There was a time which I was burning inside and suffer with various issues and news which happened around the world. Thanks to the pure dhamma which Samma Sambuddha explored to this universe I'm healed in many ways and found peace in many subjects which I used to burned a lot. It is indeed really painful to be burn with desires hatred and ignorance. So from the level I healed, I understood where I got wronged… the reasons and the path of healing…

So I thought it's my responsibility to share and point out certain things as a human being which cause us to suffer a lot and painful.  I do not expect this article to change the whole world. But if it is happen that’s indeed a nice feeling. At least if this may become a support to a one wise human being to save him or herself will be enough for me.

There are various religions available in this world. I would say they all have the goodness as the core. But are we wise enough to grab that wonderful goodness out of these religions and follow them as a human being? Most of the time we fail and even after having so much of religions, no wonder why hell are filled with hell beings all the time.  

If your own religion expresses the good and evil same time, think wisely. You have to be careful to understand the language of your god and the demon. Sometimes demon the evil one pretend to be the god to misguide you. In such occasion god doesn’t take action because he also testing you. He is testing you, how you capable enough to understanding the god’s words. But you keep failing the God continuously.

You already know how evil actions, words & thoughts can be harmful to you as well as to the other beings. So how can a good and kind hearted god or another being guide you to do harm to another being?

If the scriptures say so you have to be careful by accepting them as it is… listen to your heart… because your god, your teacher stays in your heart… be wise… don’t ruin your heart by allowing the demon to occupy in there.   You are ruining your god’s place in your heart.

Think carefully for your betterment as well as to the betterment of other beings. As you see most of the main religions express the goodness and guide you to have a good life… But you fails to realize them because you have drawn towards to the demon’s side a lot.

In Buddhism, the teaching of Lord Buddha explain a step ahead from a living a peaceful happy life. But the blessed one never discourage or underestimated the living a good peaceful life which is not harmful to own self and other selves. Because, living the life of God’s way is always difficult. The teaching of path to heaving is difficult to practice. But it is not difficult to recognize the good from the evil.   The path of heaven from the path of hell.

So dear human beings, it's not matter of adding numbers to your religion. One may want others to follow their religion to show off that our religion have this much of numbers. And one may want others to follow their religion to show that our religion is the best because we have this much of followers.

What the use of numbers if the so called followers don't understand the goodness behind all these religions and practice them to their own betterment & for the other beings' betterment.   What’s the use of practicing your religions if you fails to realize the teaching of your god?

Think and give the space to your god to settle in your heart. Enter to the land of goodness so you can see the real beauty of being a human being. Then you can also see the uniqueness of each religion and how the Buddhist teachings are different from all the other religions.

Till then your heart will be under the spell of the demon and fight for the books, places and numbers!

Be wise and have a blessed time!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka