Give a chance to mindfulness & vigor! (Compassion... part 02)

May 2016 edition

Give a chance to mindfulness & vigor! (Compassion... part 02)

Article summary

The mindfulness & the vigor are the top main objects which we should concentrate according to Dhamma. Even though we understood Dhamma, if we doesn't have these 2 qualities within us, we fails to improve the wisdom & gain peace to our minds. Let’s look in to this topic through the content of previous editorial.

It is important to have a strong thought on how you guide yourself to become your own savior. You don’t have to control yourself or force to yourself to become someone else which you are not familiar with.  Instead identify the problem and solution. 

Think before you talk, think before you act… your behaviors may cause someone else to develop a desire, hatred & ignorance while same act causing you to create a desire, hatred & ignorance within. 

Mindfulness / Awareness should be there to examine your thoughts, words & acts. And the vigor should be there to handle yourself with care for not allowing these evil demons to attract you for their sides.

Imagine you are favoring to one side by the name of compassion… what will happen to the other side?  They will ended up with hatred.  You act is causing one side to develop an attachment of desire towards you while other side is developing an attachment of hatred towards you.  And result is you all ended up with ignorance. 

Your behaviors guide others to select the path of ignorance… they intoxicate with the hatred & desires & use their mind, body & words to behave accordingly. Then there is no point of screaming by saying “There are so much of murderers, robbers, evil persons around here… etc…” That is not compassion.  Compassion develops with the wisdom.  Being aware and having a vigor to be aware is a wise act. 

Think, at the end of the day decision is all yours. Compassionate is something which comes from the real mindfulness & vigor to cease the evils within you. When there is more compassion in yourself then the year ahead will be a good & perfect year for you with loads of peace in your mind.

So at the end of the year, you will be able to see a good year with bundle of good things happened.  Also you can tag the year as a totally good year. The year becomes good because you were able to find out your own faults and correct them from yourself.

Ultimately that action becomes a huge support to everyone around you too. May you have a year which filled with mindfulness & vigor to become your own savior!!! Be a true human being… think beyond the labels!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka