Just Think about…

January 2012 edition

Just Think about…

Article summary

We are lucky to be a human being in this era as the true Buddhism is still available with us! Delaying the practices is not a wise decision at all… Because even the dhamma is not going to last forever… it will also vanish soon... so what written here is something to think about and accelerate the path of true happiness!

Some says we have some more time… some says we need to live first and then Nirvana… some says Nirvana is left for older people not for us… some say we can follow the path when there is nothing left to do for us… and also some says Nirvana can't happen anymore in these days & Arihat (the enlightened ones) can't exist anymore either… some says next life is available to do this… and some says we are waiting for the Next Lord Buddha (Samma Sammbuddha)… etc… etc…

All these proves that many of us are not genuinely interested in achieving Nirvana or following the path of true happiness… Most of them have only words and bunch of Dharma Books. So this is for the wise beings to think deeply!

Even though many religions claims that they don’t believe in after life or previous lives every religion has a clue of the existence after life. It’s in a form of heaven or hell… and in present days even through many science research people found out about the rebirth. Whether believe it or not this is not going to be one’s last life unless we make it our last one by being an enlightened one.

It’s an endless life circle… when there is birth the decaying, stress, restlessness, dissatisfaction, destruction, death everything comes as an attached string. When there is the cause the effect will be surely be there… whether we wish for it or not that’s the way.

Samma Sambuddhas mostly known as Lord Buddhas explain the path of true liberation. That’s what we know as Buddhism.

If you keep putting effort and if the expected results are not coming how will you feel? What will happen if you run behind a mirage by seeking for the water when you are thirsty?

Buddhism doesn’t order you to realize these things… Lord Samma Sambuddha doesn’t order you to do as he say… but the blessed one pointed out few things about life and ask us to use our own mind to find out whether it is true or not.

We perform well only when we are young… the ability of doing things decaying with the age. But when we realize this simple fact it’s mostly too late. We just spend our whole life to do the same things even an animal can do. Learning, surviving, coupling, producing etc… and only difference is that we believe that we do better than animals.

So just think what is the value of being a human… is it just wasting time on thinking about past which is already vanished? And is it just planning the future which is not predictable at all? Haven’t you notice that you are missing your present and you never actually enjoy the present…

Think wisely! Are you ready to die as an empty being… or achieve something valuable by using your wisdom? Make you decision wisely! I am no body to force or request you for all these things…!

I am just sharing my point of view as a person who understood the real value of being a human!

Good luck dear Human Being!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka