Identify the limited original brand!

March 2013 edition

Identify the limited original brand!

Article summary

Why Buddhism is based on ceasing desires, hatred & ignorance? Coz those are the 3 main facts which leads you to gain unlimited sufferings. Stress, restlessness, egotism, anger, fear, anguish… etc… etc… So it’s important to identify what is cooling and what is burning to heal your heart & mind with Pure Buddhist Teachings.

Through the previous editorials we have discussed about how Buddhist teachings are transforming in to a lookalike and destroying the pureness and base of the Buddhism. Also as a single note I mentioned how to identify the pure teachings in a simple manner. Let’s discuss further on the same matter to get a clear idea on this.

Think about a time which you read or notice an article or something on Buddhism which says;

This number of people become Buddhists including some popular personalities. What you feel? How you feel? If you concentrate on your mind & heart properly you will see how burning it is with a worldly pleasure. If the level is high you will even feel;

"Good that we have these ones with us not the other religions have him / her now…" or

"Finally these people understood that their religion is a stupid one…" etc… or

"Now Buddhism is the best religion in the world…" etc… these kind of thoughts will arise with the way you accept the facts under the Buddhism as Buddhism.

Buddhism is to cool & cure not to burn and damage. So identify the difference between the pure teachings and the duplicates.

Most of the people make decision purely through external facts and that’s basically not the Buddhist way.

The decisions you made through the external facts are changing with the external facts and that decision doesn’t have a proper foundation.

As an example; your thoughts will be positive towards Buddhism, when there are more people gather around Buddhism. And your thoughts will become negative towards Buddhism or towards people when people leave Buddhism. As long as we are with these 2 extremes we can't experience the pure Buddhism. So be careful.

Always remember that there are so many duplicate brands available for cheap to cheat you so easily. And most dangerous fact is that those duplicate brands are more & popular than the original brand.   As always originals are so limited, and the one with the wisdom get the chance to recognize it.

Best of luck and may triple gem bless you for the best to recognize pure Buddhism & pure Dhamma!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka