The Omens & liberation

November 2022 edition

The Omens & liberation

Article summary

In our previous Editorial, we have discussed how we should experience the four omens before we enter to the path of nibbana. We have already discussed how we should realize the fundamental issues in our so call life. Also, we have discussed that how we should observe them as the omens for liberation. In this editorial let’s continue the same topic further!

I believe you have already gone through the set of brief explanation about four omens in here too.  If so, you may have already noticed how deep is this state of seeing the four great omens. 

So, once journey of liberation truly begins only after the that person has seen the four great omens.  That’s the fourth omen is all about, too.  Then only the urge of liberation comes.  Then only the urge of truth comes.  The right focus on liberation start right there after one sees the four great omens. 

And then they seek for the noble friends who can support & guide them for the liberation.  As the seek is genuine, they listen carefully.  That gives the perfect focus and concentration to realize the eternal truth.  If the seeker is lucky, it would be a time of Samma SamBuddha and the blessed one’s teachings are available.  So, then they get the chance of listening the eternal truth of existence, and that makes them liberate!  That’s we call Nibbana. 

But, as long as you haven’t reached to the state of seeing the four great omens, you believe that Buddhism is also all about these four omens.  This is where many misunderstand Buddhist teachings are all about suffering or just another philosophy or same like other great religious teachings etc. 

But the four great omens are just like unlocking the inner seeker of truth who seeks for the real liberation.  Once unlocked, your journey begins and if you are lucky you will end up with Buddhist teachings which leads you to see the noble truth which can be never heard from any other teachings.  But as long as you are not even reached to the state of seeing the four great omens, Buddhist teachings are far away from your range of understanding.  Let’s say you still don’t have a mind of seeing the things as it is. 

A mind, which depends on the external facts and knowledge, can’t even observe the hidden nature of own self.  When the observation skills are not developed and so limited to the visible facts and nature, one can’t see the depth of the true nature.  

So, seek within and try to understand whether you have seen the four great omens or not.  Otherwise, liberation is still too far away! Have a blessed time and good luck for your search!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka