Warning: Playing with flames cause for possible Burning!!!

December 2013 edition

Warning: Playing with flames cause for possible Burning!!!

Article summary

In here we discussed about the gossips we generally talking via social media or other forms, and how they can affected us to our lives as well as to the others. And the whole point is discussed based on a famous advice given to one famous character in Lord Samma Sambuddha’s time.

When there is Samma Sambuddha alive, there was a famous lady named "Vishaka" who became a noble disciple and also was the main female donor to the noble Sangha.  When she get married her father has given few advices to her.  The first main advice was "Do not accept the flame of outside to the inside and do not give flame of inside to the outside". 

This means do not share the inner family problems with outsiders and do not share the outsider's problem inside the family as that behavior cause to loads of trouble and various kind of suffering.  In simple words this advice is basically regards to the "gossips" which most of the people like to be in touch with.    "Gossips" also attached with women and mostly popular as a behavior of women.  So even this advice comes on the dhamma, commonly point out as an advice for the women only. 

Whether you are a Buddhist or not, woman or not I believe we must consider the deep meaning of this advice according to the present society and life styles.  As a wise human being, you then can make your own decision and change yourself for your own betterment.

In present society social network and internet has become a popular method of sharing gossips.  Think wisely how many times you have shared your own inner matters with the outsiders?  And how many time you have taken the outsiders' problems in to your own home? And how many time you suffer because of this behavior?

As a country most of the time we sharing our inner matters through the internet and currently that becomes one of the major problem to every country as they are getting various problems from other countries once they confidential matters gone out.  So, basically as a person, as a family, as a city or as a country we all are going through the same problem just because of not being wise and thoughtful.

Flame cause for burning.  So gossips are basically can be compared to the flame as it is harmful for the victim as well as to the person who shares it.  Think wisely. 

If we share our inner family problems or country problems or something which should not be go out and something which should not be accept or taken to inside by using Facebook or other social network or internet means whether a woman or not, that person is having cheap womanly attitude which no one should have. 

It is normal that most of the people loves to entertain their eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body & mind which we call five senses through the forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches and thoughts.  So this behavior also based on that same entertainment process. 

So think wisely what kind of an entertainment we can have while something guide us for burning, stress, hatred, craving and many more mental and physical sufferings? 

Sharing flames means possible burning is the effect.  There are no use of avoiding burning as long as you are in love with the flames and the activities based on fire.  Be wise to gain the cooling.  Be wise to get rid from the cause so you automatically get rid from the effect.  So think about the discussed matter wisely and the possible consequences you can have as a human being. 

So next time before you start typing on social network sites or talking in the chat or other internet sources be wise and think about whether you are about to share a flame… whether you are about to accept a flame from outside which can burn your own self, your family or whatever matters to you… check whether you are about to give away a flame from inside which can burn your own self, your family or whatever matters to you…

By being aware of what you do, speak or think you can avoid many of the mental & physical problems and unsatisfactory feelings which you are going through in your life. 

So be alert!  Be wise!  Have some courage and put some effort to avoid the misbehavior which cause harm to you & your beloved ones!!!  May triple gem bless you for the best as always!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka