May you gain the best from Dhamma Sharing!

June 2013 edition

May you gain the best from Dhamma Sharing!

Article summary

My dear Dhamma friends, I'm going to use this month's editorial as a reminder to share some important fact. Basically this is a Message from the editor.

I would like to remind all my dhamma friends, that I'm sharing the dhamma from my bit of knowledge only. So especially with the less English knowledge I have, I may be fail to share the great meanings perfectly. So always be aware of that fact, when you are with the "Nirvana Dhamma" web site or blog or other dhamma sharing of mine.

As an example, Imagine there is a village which surrounded by a forest. And one day that forest caught with the fire. One person saw this and begin to warn villagers while he is saving himself. Likewise, as soon as I felt this existence as a real danger, and the mistake is done by no one but our own self… I too begin to warn other by sharing the danger, cause of danger and method of get rid of the danger while I'm saving myself.

So from the beginning to now there may be differences between the way I explained dhamma and its content. Even though the theory is same, the way I explained has to be change with the time & realizations.   I believe my knowledge of Dhamma as well as the English also got little improved with the time.

But, as I am not an enlightened being yet I may not able to give a complete interpretation over certain dhamma facts or methods. Because it’s not just a knowledge I share with you all. Sometimes my lesser knowledge in English also can cause to give a poor interpretation to the deep dhamma facts. So be aware of certain things and get the best from your level best for your betterment out of this tiny effort.

I expect nothing through this effort of sharing dhamma. It's just a one single wish that "May at least one being get bit of support through this effort and May they improve their interest on identify the real danger of this existence and become their own saviors!!!"

Even Samma Sambuddha said if one cares about another being that one should share this noble dhamma as it's the only worth gift to share for. That’s call real compassion. So I'm just doing my bit as a human being and expect nothing in return!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka