January 2018 edition


Article summary

Many believes this is one of the most difficult thing to do while many even couldn’t understand the meaning of this action is. When I come across this image while browsing the web, thought of sharing with you all as its seems so simple yet powerful.

 Someone asked;

“What is forgiveness?”

A little boy gave a lovely reply,

“It is the wonderful FRUIT that a tree gives, when it is being hurt by a STONE.”

Isn’t it a wonderful answer? 

So, my dear Dhamma friends, try not to be so complicated with your lives. 

Be simple… think like a child.  Coz a child like a mind think simple and make things beautiful than you can ever imagine.

Don’t forget, it can’t be so alien to you, coz you were also a child once in your lifetime!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka