Judging others & being judged by others?

December 2012 edition

Judging others & being judged by others?

Article summary

Do you judge other people by their outer appearance? OR Are you a victim of such judgments? Let’s explore the issue through dhamma.

Ignorant people judge others by outer appearance... Wise people never do such.

So whenever you feel like you become a victim of other people's judgments think about the blessed one's words...

"Be like a doormat, be like a piece of wood, be like the dust... etc..." these will support you to realize that there is nothing important or valuable as "I"... when you feel the reality of "I" you won't feel trouble much as there is nothing to worry about an illusion...

When your mind, body, words begins to judge someone else remember that wise people never to do like that.

Think why you have to be someone ignorant when you have chance to be wise. The decision is all yours to be wise or ignorant. Whether you are a victim or person who is judging others, you always have a solution to your problem.

All you have to do is be in alert to recognize these kind of situations and apply the correct dose of dhamma medicine to your own self! Always remember to apply it to your own self not to the outer world!

As a summary as long as you have a measurement & certain value to the beings, peoples, natural & material things around you, your mind body & words may try to judge them according to your point of view. The worst thing is our point of view is not the correct or best thing to take act upon it. Our mind can cheat us.

So always try to think & apply to the point of dhamma. So you too can safe while others around you also feel safe with you!  At last note, don't expect the whole world to be a temple and full of peaceful beings. Make your mind peaceful and be a temple of your own so others too can get the benefits from you!

Good luck on that and may you have courage & wisdom to apply the dhamma to day today life of yours and gain peace & true happiness!

May god bless you for the best while triple gem bless you to achieve the best!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka