Solid Peace

Sri Lanka is a land with ruined which are thousands & thousands of years old.  Almost every sacred place are believed to be old as Great Samma Sambuddha’s time period.  Thousands of great Arihath – the enlightened beings were everywhere.  Many of the places were already proven with the stone scriptures, rock scriptures and many ancient scriptures.  Every place has its own kind of energy field and fully supportive to calm your mind and relax your body.  So here is a tribute to those sacred places if in case you like to visit!

Don’t forget… This web site in every single page is trying to give you the needed acceleration to the path of nirvana.   So observe every picture… no matter how elegantly shine these places in the ancient time, but now they are ruined… So, no matter how solid something looks like, everything has to go through the law of impermanency.  So let’s not feel proud or get any other unnecessary feelings towards the forms we see as how solid they are or how wonderful they are… coz everything are changing in every moment! Even you!

So, one should try to attain the solid peace which only comes with the wisdom & truth!