Break the curse

December 2021 edition

Break the curse

Article summary

Last month 18th November, 2021 we have experienced a blessed opportunity. After about 1700 years in Sri Lankan history, we could build a huge pagoda again and offered the blessed one. That was indeed a blessed opportunity. And we met some wonderful human beings throughout this process. Let me share some words from a friend among them, which I believe has a deep meaning. Let's try to understand the curse and let's break it!

Sri Lankan Army Officer Rasika is the one who guides people by sharing information about the new Pagoda named “Sanda Hiru Seya (The Victory Stupa)”. He makes efforts of sharing the noble qualities and what we need to cultivate as human beings.  Let’s say he is doing what’s best as a human being to others from his level best.  During a friendly chat he pointed out such a deep point.  Let me share it first. 

“In our lifetime we had the experience of an evil war ... the experience of a tsunami... the experience of a plague... And finally, we had the experience of making a huge pagoda and offer Lord Samma SamBuddha just like in ancient time… If we do not take action to end the suffering of the existence as the blessed one’s guidance despite all these experiences, we will be very stupid! Aren’t we?”

Now think about your life.  As Sri Lankan who lived in this era, we have come across all these experiences and these were part of life. How about you? Of course, no difference, right? How?

If you are not a direct victim of any of the war, which are currently going around somewhere in the world, they are in the present-day news right?  They are not stories.  They are real events happening at this very moment.  As Sri Lankans we could say we were victim of an evil war for years.  And there may be thousands of people around the world which tells you the same story.  But those are not stories from another life.  They are real life event which is evil and disastrous. So, you too can say that you know the evilness of a war. 

How many stories you may have heard about Tsunamis?  Do you ever believe one of them that it could actually happen while you are having some fun on the beach or ocean?  Well, now you know that Tsunami is real.  It is one disastrous event can happen in our life and we already experienced it.  So, you already have the experience of a disastrous Tsunami too, and you know that’s real.

And the plague.  You may be hearing about plagues happened in history. 100 years ago.  But what about now.  Did you ever think about stopping you from going out? Stopping all your schedules… plans at one stage and just stuck at home with no excuses to go outside?  People dying in the streets… burning without no funeral or loved ones? But what you think?  Still believe we could overcome this time too, right? Like our ancient ones did? 

And what about this huge pagoda we Sri Lankans just made & offer to the blessed one?  Samma Sambuddha is the one who warned about all kinds of disastrous events could possibly happen to a being.  Whether you are a human or God or someone above in a higher realm or below in the lower realm, everyone hast to go through any types of disastrous events and they are going to be the part of life.  The blessed one is the one who warned about the meaningless in repetitive lifestyle of the existence. Not only that, the blessed one showed the path of liberation too!

We fight… we believe we won and achieved… then we lose what we achieve and then again, we fight… in between, we die & born again do the same… But who cares, right? Coz we are entertained by the same repetitive process and we enjoy the same poop coming in different forms. 

So, the pagoda is like a message.  Pagoda says “Hey, you… haven’t you gone through all the disastrous & evil experience in this life?  Aren’t you tired yet? Are you still willing to go through the same war, which you never can win? Are you still willing to rebuild the damage of Tsunami and enjoy the waves of ocean till the next one hit? Are you still willing to fight with the ability of getting sick by believing that overcoming this plague would save you to finish what’s unfinished in your life? Oh, come on! Wake up beings! You are still having the opportunity of listening to the noble message of the Blessed one.  You can liberate from this repetitive cycle.  Aren’t you tired?  You still have the chance… I am the sign of the given opportunity to all of you! So, Wake up and search for the eternal truth about yourself!”

Haven't you heard the message yet? I’m sure you did!  So, stop being deaf and try to be hurry to realize the path of liberation.  You can… coz you are wise! But if you decide to keep continue enjoying the same poop again & again… well, I would say being wise is also depends on the choices you made my friend! At the end of the day, it’s all up to you!  No one is here to force. Not even God will force anyone.  Because God also knows that no matter how he warns, humans are just in love with their poop cycle and get destroyed by their greediness! So, just give it a try! BREAK THE CURSE my dear Dhamma friends!

With Gratitude & Blessings to SL Army Officer Rasika;


Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka