Three types of truths

  11 December 2022

Article summary

In most common explanations truth is always divided only to two types and that is The Relative Truth / Conventional Truth & The Absolute Truth / Paramārtha satya.

Most of us identify Buddhist teachings also is all about this Absolute truth / Paramārtha truth.  In a way, we can say it is correct.  But unfortunately, this simple way of dividing the two truth makes it more complicated to understand the misleading points in the path of liberation.  Instead of making it simple, it leads to more confusions. 

Buddhist Teachings are all about the one & only “The Eternal Truth”.  But when we say it, many believes that’s again a common statement to sell the product as the best religion or best philosophy.  That’s why it is important to know the difference. Otherwise, many followers are ended up with other so-called truths by believing that they have realized the eternal truth. 

So, I use this method of categorizing The Eternal Truth & the SO-CALLED TRUTHS in to 3 categories.  I hope that will give you a glimpse of the depth of the Real, Pure Buddhist Teachings.

The three types of truths are;

  1. The Relative truth / The Conventional truth

  2. The Absolute Truth / Paramārtha Satya

  3. The Noble Truth / The Eternal Ultimate Truth / The Arya Satya

Let’s identify the difference between these 3 types.