Is it real Buddhism what you accuse?

All the accusation or praise most of the time doesn’t come with this real touch. All those are based on just going around it without touching the essence of Buddhism!

Is it real Buddhism what you accuse?

  06 May 2012

I can see most of the videos or books or any other sources which criticize or praise Buddhism through their own experiences actually is something which they believe as real Buddhism but not base on the real pure essence of deep Buddhism.

They are sometimes based on bunch of deep words and theories of Buddhist teachings… sometimes the variations of Buddhism like Theravada or Mahayana or Vajrayana or Zen or something like we discussed earlier.

If you believe knowing bundle of words or phrases or theories can get you the real understanding of what Buddhism is … then you are wrong… If you believe that learning Buddhism is what you all have to do to know Buddhist teaching is, then it is definitely WRONG! 

Yes… it’s not something you can learn and memorize and say “yay… here we go I know Buddhism… I know four noble truths… I know dependent origination theory… I know meditation… etc… etc…” No no no… this is where you get misleading…

You can write books... Can become a lecture in Buddhism… or even you can become a teacher of meditation… but still you won’t even be able to close enough the essence of this deep essence of Buddhism.

It’s not because it’s deep or really really difficult… it’s just because you are not ready or open enough to touch it as it is… because you still missing out the important point…  The point is to identify your very own purpose of having Buddhism in your life!

Buddhism is not just a subject to learn… it’s not a religion to follow… it’s not based on believing or accepting… its already with you… it’s just a matter of realizing and seeing it for your own self… then only you begin your real journey!

Until then all these are just words… writings everything is just blah blah blah… hope you get my point… hope you listen with a real focus… hope you identify your real purpose of spending time on these supporting tools.  Good luck with your search! Good luck to the journey of search within!