Did they avoid?

  20 February 2012

Article summary

The one who reflect the past & future through the present truth, is a wise being who is not going to delay in this existence!

Now, think about your ancestors… think about the people whom you knew…

Could they avoid the death? Could they avoid the sicknesses? Could they avoid aging? Could they avoid the slavery?  They had to pay the price for their wish, right?

Weren't they loved to avoid them? But could they? As much as you love to avoid these issues, they were also loved… they were also looking for solutions… but they couldn’t find the real solution. They couldn’t find the real enemy within… they just couldn’t seek for the correct noble friends who could guide them to the pure dhamma which gives the solution for all these issues.  So, they have become victims of it!

Do you believe that the future generation will be able to escape from these things, if they keep continuing the same lifestyle with slavery?

So be wise… think about your own experiences. Think about the experiences of your elders… think about the experiences of your ancestors. Because it’s not yet too late for you to become your own savior! 

Like I said from the beginning, this is not Buddhism yet.  You need to observe these basic natural phenomena of your life first.  Then there is this moment you come across that “Enough is enough, I need to find the solution” … then only your true search begins.  And then only you can realize the depth of the teaching of a Samma SamBuddha.  Otherwise, you keep believing that Buddhism is all about aging, sickness, death and other external sufferings we experience in day-to-day life.   No, Buddhism is not about those things.  Buddhism Is FOR the wise beings who realize that there is a major defect in this system of existence, and looking for a solution.

So, with that note… Be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to heal your mind & body with the pure happiness!!! Because Buddhist teaching is for wise beings who already in search of eternal truth!  So, if you are wise enough, the pure happiness can be gained!!!  Liberation is possible!!!