Can you avoid impermanency?

"The one who reflect the impermanence of every arisen thing, is a wise being who is not going to delay in this existence!"

Everything in this world has a one common characteristic. That is, "if something arises, it should go through the changes and dies / destroys at the end”!  In a one word, we call it, "IMPERMANENCE".  The aging, sicknesses, death and all the other issues comes because of this ultimate nature. Impermanence is an undeniable and inescapable fact of the existence.  

The people, animals, natural things, and material things in simple words everything is breakable, fragile, and destructive because of their nature of impermanence.  Whether it is a living being or non-living thing, material or mental phenomena, everything... just everything are bound with this law of impermanence.  

Birth of a person is visible because of the nature of impermanence. Changing / decay is visible because of the nature of impermanence. And then death of the person is visible because of the nature of impermanence.  Birth of an animal, change of the animal, death of the animal is visible as a result of this nature of impermanence. Birth of a tree, and its growth as its changing period and the death of the tree are visible because of this nature. Even a man - made material thing arise & go through the changes and destroy at the end.  This is calling the ultimate nature.  

This law of impermanence is common to each & everything in this world. Everything arises has to decay, change & destroy. We just select few things from these impermanent things and create our very own world. But the people, animal, natural & material things we selected as “I” or “Mine” also have the very same nature of impermanence. So, they are too breakable, fragile & destructive. Aren't they?   So, things around you are bound with this quality named "Impermanence”! 

As you see, we can’t avoid the fact of “Impermanence” … we can’t avoid the fact of impermanence of our beloved ones.   Look at the images below which shows the birth, changing / decay & death of the surrounding things…

When good things caught in the nature of impermanence, we feel sad.  We are worried.  But bad things, caught in the nature of impermanence, we feel happy.  And the nature of impermanence also is a reason we enjoy the life.  So, we must dig deep in to this nature of impermanence.  But as you see, pure deep Buddhist teachings are not about this visible nature of impermanence.  It’s far deeper than that.

If impermanence is a serious issue in our life, we need to find out up to what extent it affects us.  We need to find out about the depth of Buddhist teachings and how majority of the people believe it is a teaching about impermanence.  We need to find out where we got wrong!  No matter what, if you can observe wisely enough, impermanence is one nature that we can’t avoid again!  

~ with respect to the respective people in the below images & the people who have taken the photographs ~

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