Can you avoid sicknesses?

  01 February 2012

Article summary

The one who reflect the possibilities of being sick through another being with sicknesses, is a wise being who is not going to delay with the process of sicknesses in this existence!

Sicknesses are common to all beings without an age limit. Curable to incurable, the sicknesses attack anyone at any time. No matter how hard you're trying to be healthy, the sicknesses are a common issue for all beings.  Whether it is living being or non-living thing, everything effected by the diseases.   But as there is a way of identifying them differently with various other names, we normally don’t notice that everything is going through the fact of sickness. 

Whether it is a form for eyes, sound for ears, smell for nose, taste for tongue, touch for body or thought for mind… everything… everything is bound by the sickness.  Because of the way we define sickness in a limited manner, we can’t see the vastness of sickness.   

We believe we are sick only when some kind of diseases appear.  And we believe we are healthy as long as we can’t experience any kind of diseases.  But are we actually healthy?  As long as we are meant to be sick and have the possibilities of getting sick any time, that means we are already sick, aren’t we?  How foolish is it to name a nature that is not known to be sick as healthy?

If someone prays for not getting sick, at least for a moment, means that person doesn’t aware of the eternal truth of this universe.  They fail to see the true nature of own self.  The wise one is who, aware of the truth of sickness, doesn’t pray for the health.   Instead, they work hard on achieving a strong mind which is fit enough to face all kind of sicknesses!

Most of the human beings are so afraid of getting ill and do all the possible actions to get rid of the sicknesses. From headache to the cancers or various other dangerous illnesses which cause to death are trembling the weak mind of those who are afraid of illnesses. 

But can we avoid it?  Yes, you may feel like we can avoid it. Because there are so many ways to cure any kind of disease with the latest technology and the medical science.  So, you may feel you defeated this second omen of being sick.  But do you actually?  You feel that you defeated sickness because you're still unaware of the true nature of sickness. 

It says every wish has a price to pay.  And the more you wish for The Existence, this is another price you are going to pay with other prices! Is it worth?

With that note… be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to heal your mind & body which are affected by SICKNESSES!!! Because if you are wise enough, Sicknesses can be truly cured!!!