Can you avoid Death?

  02 February 2012

Article summary

The one who reflect the own death through another being’s, is a wise being who is not going to delay with the process of birth & death in this existence!

Death is the common end for all beings and everything. Whether it is living or non-living, there is an end for everything. The death comes without a notice… when it comes everyone has to face it… it doesn’t matter we like it or not, the death is the birth gift of all beings.  Whether it is a form for eyes, sound for ears, smell for nose, taste for tongue, touch for body or thought for mind… everything… everything is bound by the death.  Because of the way we define death in a limited manner, we can’t see the vastness of death.   

Some believes that thinking about death is a negative thought. But thinking or getting action according to the eternal truth is not the real negativity. Not thinking about the own death is the real negative thought as it cause loads of troubles to own self as well as to the others around.

Even the most developed technology still can’t find a solution to the death. From poor to the rich, religious to racists, believer or non-believer, the death is the final stage which remembers us that no matter what we do as living beings, but "the end" will be same to all of us.

Sometimes when we buy material things, we demand for the warranty certificates. And we buy them with a smile on the face and proudly saying that "this one has 2 years' guarantee, this one has 5 years or more…" etc… but have you ever thought that YOU, who has bought that material stuff with a warranty period has NO GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY! You get it into your vehicle with the certified goods and drive your home… and on your way home you happen to meet an accident and have 100% possibilities to die. Even, the so called certified good also comes to at its end. How can you be so sure to say "NO! I WILL NOT DIE NOW!" Or "My certified good won't damage just because it has a warranty"? My friend, we both have no guarantee nor warranty neither for any of our goods. But we behave like we have fully secured & insured.

Insurance people do this meditation all the time… hahaha… mind me, they know how unpredictable our death is… so they always like to remember us… "Be Insure! Be insure!"… And then we get into their trick and get the insurances and paying each month. But we simply forget that these people can't insure our life. We are insured only till our death arrives to us. Hahaha… isn't it funny that we spend most of our money to insurance companies, but they can only pay for our funeral or the other family living beings after our death. We are the one who pays but also, we are the one who are NOT rewarded… so funny isn't it? But unfortunately for this joke, we call it "living" my friend!

So, one should be afraid for the death… not because it is death & the end… just because it is not the end, and it’s another beginning… Instead of being afraid of the death and the consequences of death, one should be aware of the truth and should be brave enough to face it wisely. One should see the dead body that we are carrying all the time! We clean it... maintain it... so, that we can deceive by the fact of a living being. We get surprise each time we hear about a death which is so natural phenomena. That shows how deceived, and how far we are from the true nature.

It says every wish has a price to pay.  And the more you wish for The Existence, this is another price you are going to pay with other prices! Is it worth?

With that note… Be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to heal your mind & body which are affected by DEATH!!! Because if you are wise enough, Death can be cured!!!