Can you avoid Being a slave?

  15 February 2012

Article summary

The one who reflect the reality through the illusion, is a wise being who is not going to trap in the illusion of this existence!

Who you care the most? Who you treat most dearly? Do you think it’s your beloved ones? If your answer is “yes”, then think again… coz you might have missed something…

Think about these things too…  For whom you are worrying most? Think about whom you want to save even from the tiniest dangers?

Ok… still you feel it’s your beloved ones? 

Ok then think about Your eyes… Your Ears… Your Nose… Your Tongue… Your Body… How about them?  Aren’t “I” is the most dearly to you?  Aren’t “I” is the most beloved one to you?

If a tiny grit comes to your eyes, how fast do you react? We equip with the latest as much as possible to save these beloved ones from the possible dangers… aren’t we?

From dawn to night, you clean them, care them, feed them… you feed your eyes with the beautiful forms, you feed your ears with the nicest sounds, you feed your nose with the nicest fragrances, you feed your tongue with the tastiest food… you treat your body as much as comfortable you can… and mind of cause, you totally depend on the mind!

You treat them so well, you protect them so well, you pamper them so well, and you are basically entertaining them to the maximum as much as you can! From dawn to dusk, you take good care of them!

But what they do in return? 

No matter how you cleaned them, they keep dirt themselves. You clean your ears every day, but they give ear-wax in return… whether it is for eyes, ears, nose, tongue or whole body they just keep getting unclean every day no matter how dedicated you serve them and clean them. Aren’t they? And the mind… Oh! Let’s not talk about its behaviors, right? Forget it!!! Right?

Your most beloved 6 friends, 6 relatives… the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and Mind! They keep troubling you with dirt, sicknesses, pain, suffering etc… etc… never stay as the way you want!

But what you do? If it is your parents or child or friend or relative don’t behave as the way you want, you fight with them… you get angry with them… you feel sad and get stressed. You simply try to avoid them and even break the relationship and get rid of them if they continue with their stubborn behaviors. Sometimes we treat them as our enemies.

BUT with these 6 friends or 6 closest relative of yours? Instead of teaching them a lesson, you have become a SLAVE to them. No matter how bad they treat you, but you still wish to be with them! Without complaints, we just keep serving to them. But these stubborn 6 bosses keep us working for them from dawn to dusk continuously without a rest… and keep you in an illusion of that you are the master of them BUT in real?

So, who are the real enemies? Who is the slave here? Who are the real masters?   Identify the true enemies to get rid of them… they will scare you with the things you will be going to lose… but don’t fall for them… just stay strong & brave as there is a way out of this prison of your own!!!

So, is it worth to be a prisoner in this existence?  The more you wish for The Existence, this is another price you are going to pay for it! Is it worth?

With that note… Be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to get rid of the slavery and liberate with pure happiness!!! Because if you are wise enough, the slavery can be ended, and you can liberate from this prison… forever!!