Can you avoid Aging?

  26 October 2015

Article summary

The one who reflect the aging of own self through another elderly being, is a wise being who is not going to delay with the process of Aging in this existence!

The “AGING” is so natural for the beings. Whether it is for a human, whether it is for an animal, whether it is for a reptile… whether it is for a tree or a rock… basically for everything… The AGING is a natural condition which is unavoidable.

Aging is not only for the living beings. It is also common to the non-living things too. Whether it is a thing or situation, the aging is unavoidable. When it comes to the non – living things, we named it "the decaying".  Whether it is a form for eyes, sound for ears, smell for nose, taste for tongue, touch for body or thought for mind… everything… everything are bound by the aging.  Because of the way we define aging in a limited manner, we can’t see the vastness of Aging.   

Human are trying so hard to delay the aging of everything from their master minds. They succeed, up to some extent, as a temporary solution.  But can they avoid? Can YOU avoid? In every single moment, we should face this truth of aging!

“Aging” doesn’t mean only the gray hair, wrinkles and weak body.  “Aging” means in another way changing.  Everything changes in to another change in every moment. 

Rather than spending time on delaying the side effect of aging and get stressed, just because you don’t like the fact of Aging, why don’t you try something positive which bring peace to your mind & body both?

It says every wish has a price to pay.  And the more you wish for The Existence, this is another price you are going to pay with other prices! Is it worth?

With that note… be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to heal your mind & body, which are affected by AGING!!!   Because if you are wise enough, aging can be cured!!!