Can you avoid Separation from the loved ones?

  06 February 2012

Article summary

The one who reflect the meaningless of this existence through the separation from the loved ones, is a wise being who is not going to delay with the process of any kind of associations in this existence!

How many loved ones are there in your life?  When it comes to the loved ones… they can be living or non – living.  Your family members… friends… pets… your favorite things… anything… just remind them. 

As you can see, it’s not just about the living beings. It can be anything which you actually like to be with.  A form for eyes, a sound for ears, a smell for nose, a taste for tongue, a touch for body or a thought for mind.  You see anything… feel the vastness of association with loved ones and separation of them.

And now remind the no of times you have to face the separation of those.  No matter how hard we try, the separation from the loved ones are arisen time to time in various forms, right? 

It can be as a form of death of your beloved ones… or separation through going far away from you… or separation from a thing or place you love to be with… or separation from the forms you loved to see – sound that you loved to hear – smell that you loved to felt – taste that you loved to taste – touch you wish to be with – a thought you wish to continue…  As you see, it can be anything you love or like to be with… but you FAIL to keep up the things!

Remember the times you suffer from the separations… whether it is from the high school journey or from your lover or the one you care for or the pet you were playing with or the favorite book or dress which are no more with you. Remember the way you try to be with them without knowing the fact that these are unavoidable circumstances in the life.

Separation from the things you hate bring joy to your mind, while separation from loved things or ones brings woe to your mind!  So, as you see, the effect of the “separation” depends on your likeness towards it.  But anyway, “separation” is going to be a part of your existence. 

So, are you ready to face it? Or is it worth to face such situation for this existence?  The more you wish for The Existence, this is another price you are going to pay for it! Is it worth?

With that note… Be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to heal your mind & body which are affected by Separations!!! Because if you are wise enough, Separations from the loved one also can be cured!!!