Can you avoid Not getting what you want?

  10 February 2012

Article summary

The one who reflect the emptiness of this existence through the circumstance of not getting what desired, is a wise being who is not going to delay with the process of craving in this existence!

From birth to death, we demand for the things we desire. We want the things according to the way we want. As a newborn we cry when things are not getting as the way we want… then as a growing kid we demand for the things we want and when not getting what we want we cry or got angry… as an adult we demand for the things we want… we fight for the things we want… as an elderly being most of them suffer by not getting what they want.

As you can see, whether it is living beings or non – living things… whether it’s a form for eyes, a sound for ears, a smell for nose, a taste for tongue, a touch for body or a thought for mind.  You see, anything… feel the vastness of not getting what you want as the way you desire.

At the end, all the tiny little few happy moments are based on the moments which we got what we want and the rest is filled with suffering, restlessness, anger, stress and many more negative feelings as the things didn’t happen as the way we want.

Whether it is food, cloths, or other material thing… whether it is a person or another being… whether it is a situation… whether it is something you believe in… when they fail and not getting as the way you want, check how you feel… is it a happy mood? Imagine the moments which you have gone through this issue… imagine how fewer are the moments which you got the life according to the way you wish…

You desire to be not getting sick, but you are not getting what you want… your desire is to be live longer without death, but you are not getting what you want… these are some points which you might miss as an overall process.

So, is it worth to face such situation for this existence?  The more you wish for The Existence, this is another price you are going to pay for it! Is it worth?

With that note… Be in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to realize the deep illusion behind which you believed as you achieved as what you wanted!!! Because if you are wise enough, this unidentified mental disease can be cured for sure!!!