Deep in to the Second Sight - Sick Being

We have already discussed the “Sickness” and how it is unavoidable. In here, we are mainly going to discuss how important it is to reflect our own “Sickness” through the sick begins to start our spiritual journey. Also, the second sight is not just about "Sicknesses"!

In here we are also going to discuss misheard life story of Samma Sambuddha and how the young prince happened to noticed his "Second Sight – A Sick Man" wisely!  After reading these explanations, I believe, that you will realize the importance of not jumping in to any conclusion just because it's written in books or someone said to you or respected fact for years by the scholars or just because many believes in it!  Just like Samma SamBuddha said in “Kalama Sutta

Use your wisdom.  Not the gathered knowledge via books or any other data.  Because WISDOM is the only thing needed for you to experience the depth of Pure Buddhist Teachings!