Deep in to the Four Sights!

Deep in to the Four Sights!

Hope now you have a basic idea of the depth of the four great omens and its importance for the liberation. 

An elderly being, a sick being, a dead body and an Ascetic. The four sights which one should observe to begin their spiritual journey. It is not something only related to the Lord Samma Sambuddha’s life story. It is the journey of every being who start their spiritual journey genuinely in search of truth & liberation!

But as I said as long as you observe these four sights and till, they become your four omens, these are just words. But still, let me take some time to explore the flow of these four sights! Maybe it can be a support to begin your journey of ending all kind of journeys.

Try to observe the way you depend on the external visible facts, which are easily understandable.  How simply you interpret the “Truth” based on those visible facts. 

Whether it is about Aging or Sickness or Death or Ascetic life… Everything interpreted, and their truth is always related to the visible facts.  Observe the way of your life build upon this visible truth. 

And, how far you are ready to dig deeper?  If you are happy with the visible truth, that’s ok… go ahead, no one will be forcing you to see the truth or chose the path of liberation. 

Try to observe the times you get into the trap of visible truth, and you experience the consequences of delusional behavior.  Try to experience the ticking bomb within which leads to the death.  The changing nature of everything…

What if you are believing the false truth, and there is an eternal truth?  Your whole life in vain, right?  Trapped in a beautifully constructed lie by believing it is the truth?  So, the decision is all yours. 

If you really are interested on for greater stuff in your life… just improve the observation skills.  And see the wonder of four great omen and how they lead you to the eternal truth!

Always remember, that the question matters the most than the answer!  

Stay in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to get more acceleration to your spiritual path! Because being spiritual doesn’t mean that you are turning in to someone who you are not! It means that you are actually being to experience the real you and I assure you will be surprised with the real you, and it is more entertaining than the entertainment you are having now with the worldly pleasure!

Always remember that no one knows what is actually missing in their lives as long as they experience what was missing in their life! For you too!