Deep in to the Fourth Sight - An Ascetic

Now you know the depth of the first, second & third omen discussed in the life story of Samma SamBuddha.  And then comes the fourth omen of Ascetic.  What the meaning of this fourth sight?  Is it really about being an ascetic? What we are missing here?

Till you observe “The fourth Sight of an Ascetic” you won’t understand the ascetic with its deeper meaning. You see the ascetic from the outer appearance only.

So, in here I give you some clues on “the fourth omen of ascetic” and all the misinterpretations and misleading explanations we already have on this fourth omen.  But always remember, as long as you don’t experience the four omens, these are just words only!

You are wise!   Wise enough to observe all these four sights! When you observe the four omens in your life, then your spiritual journey will begin! Till then, it’s all in the mind as an imagination only.  So, let’s see the depth of fourth omen of ascetic life.  Also, how Channa’s explanations guided the wise prince Siddhartha to become an ascetic.