Did you see the Solution?

Did you see the Solution?

Think the way you would have interpreted the ascetic life?  How you are going to interpret the ascetic life if you asked the question.  Do you see it as a solution for the first three omens?  Do you see the mind of a person who is in search of truth or liberation?  Do you see the connection of the fourth omen with the first three omen?  Do you see that one can’t be actually become a true ascetic without seeing the first three omens of aging, sickness and death?

Those who experience the fourth omen of ascetic life sees how destitute are those who are not aware of these omens.  That makes them drag more towards the ascetic lifestyle.  The person who experiences the omen of ascetic life has no regrets or difficulties on giving up on pleasures.

Their hopes are lesser… their expectations are lesser… no complaint over anything… just looking for the solution.  They don’t worry, if they get sicknesses…. They don’t worry if they were about to die… they don’t worry about being old… they just focus on the truth and the true liberation only. 

So, when someone guides them or explain any teachings, their focus is right on point.  They can grab the deeper meaning of those explanations.  Because they already have the experience of seeing the unseen and observing the hidden deep facts which are not visible at all.

Some becomes ascetics for the sake of being an ascetic.  Just to escape from the basic’s issues of life.  They didn’t become ascetic because they have seen the omens.  They just interested on the life style or outer appearance and many reasons except for the omens.  For such people ascetic life doesn’t give its true meaning.  They seek pleasurable life style after while and they complain about many things… they worry about their health and survival… they are basically ordinary people in first level who depend and believe on the visible facts as reality.

So, such kind of ascetics are available in every religious or spiritual practices.  They just misinterpret each of the teachings, including the deep Buddhist teachings.  So, you should understand the difference and depth of the fourth omen of ascetic life.  Otherwise, you will end up with misleading path instead of entering to the third level of Noble Level!