The depth of fourth omen

The depth of fourth omen

When it comes to the person who observe all the four omens, they will start their spiritual journey as a lay person or as a monk or nun.  Also, when it comes to the fourth sight, it’s kind of drawing to the lifestyle which is familiar for years for them.  One who have observed the four sights, definitely senses that as an outcast person from the worldly lifestyle and he or she belongs to the ascetic lifestyle! This is the kind of feeling arise when you see the fourth sight!

That’s why one should notice the depth of the fourth sight. It’s not about the outer appearance of an ascetic. It’s about the mentality of an ascetic. Leave behind all the pleasure and seeking for the real pure happiness and peace which is not bound with any kind of diseases like aging or sicknesses or death.

So, hope now you have got an idea of the journey of nibbana the true liberation and the level we should reach.  It’s the third level which we also called noble level which you will find the true deeper meaning of the fourth omen of ascetic life.

The omens are NOT Buddhist teachings. 

If you can see, these are the very basic wise observation of your own self.  Your basic nature, which you don’t like to accept as it is.  When a person sees this omen of aging, sickness and death, that person starts looking for the liberation, because that person was brave enough to observe the own self as it is.  Then that person can be looking for the liberation in various methods as an ascetic.  It doesn’t have to be Buddhism.   Prince Siddhartha was not looking for Buddhism.

A true ascetic, always looking for the eternal truth.  The true liberation.  Because a true ascetic arises with the observation of four omens. 

That’s how the ascetic life happened in the world. Ascetics are those who started looking for a solution, the liberation, the truth because they realize that this existence is nothing but a burden full of maintenance.  That's how the fourth omen has become the omen of ascetic – the solution.

When there is a no Samma Sambuddha or teachings of a Samma Sambuddha, ascetics are relying on the worldly methods, which they can experience as liberation.  Only a Samma Sambuddha can guide to the true liberation.  Prince Siddhartha as an ascetic followed many methods and mastered them.  But when he knew that those can’t be the truth and the solution, his search continued.  And he became a Samma SamBuddha as he was developed his skills to become the one, he found the deepest truth which no one can ever imagine of.   Those are the noble truth. 

But again, the majority of people again interprets the noble truth as Channa the Charioteer.  Based on the visible factors.  So noble truth also interprets similar to the omens.  And that’s how omens of aging, sickness & death becomes the teachings of Buddhism while they are not Buddhist teachings.   

That’s also true, that Samma SamBuddha always guided disciples to see the “AGING”.  But that depth of “Aging” can only be touched by someone who has already seen the omen of “OLD AGE”.   How can one possibly see the depth of an ocean without touching the surface?  So, seeing the omens means touching the surface of the ocean for the very first time.  First level which are a majority of people see the things as in there is an ocean but never seen it or experience it.  

It's like understanding how "I am missing the true nature of so-called self".  It's like getting to know that "I am not aware about myself yet, so how can be live this life blindly?". Furthermore, it's like knowing that there is something hidden beneath "I" which boost the eager to find it.

So, without that basic wisdom, it's hard to understand what's a Samma Sambuddha explored.  So, the blessed one always encourage others to see the life as it is first.  And then comes the deeper teachings of the noble one, which lead to the depth of true nature beyond what we believe as true nature.

But as long as you believe the blessed one also taught us about "Aging, sickness, death and other worldly nature” which can be observed after some effort & wisdom, you are going to miss the specialty and rareness of Buddhist Teachings.  I always say that’s like following the Channa the charioteer’s teachings by believing they are the teachings of a Samma Sambuddha!

The ordinary view.  Blindly believing anything just because they are easy to understand.  Remember, that's the nature of those who are in the first level.  But at least you should be in the second level of extraordinary view, which dig deeper than what is visible.  So, let's dig deep and clear the conclusions with the noble words of Samma Sambuddha!