The Prince noticed the Solution

The Prince noticed the Solution

A young wise prince who is not intoxicated with the power of youth or health or life by noticing how the aging, sickness and death is involved in one’s life, young prince definitely sees the fourth omen of the solution. Even if a normal being who is in the second level of observing the omen of aging, sickness & death definitely sees the fourth omen of the solution.

Even with the most luxurious lifestyle on earth ever, the prince couldn’t be in peace, as he wanted a solution.  His mind is in searching for the truth.  This also described in many suttas and how the prince left the palace by saying goodbye to all of them while they were crying and pleading not to leave, by in search of truth – the solution. 

So, when you experience the fourth sight of ascetic life in your life, you will know what this exact feeling is all about. It’s not something like a movie story. Or reading a biography.  Or looking for a change in outer appearance.  It’s just the feeling of searching for the liberation. 

That mind who sees the fourth omen of ascetic life don’t have any interest on entertaining the self with pleasures.  Because by the time this person sees the fourth omen that person already seen the omen of aging, sickness & death as ongoing issues.   The solution comes within and when it comes to the fourth sight of ascetic life, it’s the time to make the decision of what am I going to do with this life.  That’s all!

Likewise, the wise Prince Siddhartha knew what to do with his life.  He was never confused.  It is just he waited for the right time.  That happened with the Channa’s typical overconfident answer of fourth omen based on the visible appearance.  And also, the birth of his son.  He knew that his son too has to face the same consequences.  Wise prince knew what he is going to get as life among the full of people like Channa who depend only on the visible facts.

The wise prince made the decision of entering the ascetic life fully.  He was an ascetic mentally.  But he changed his physical appearance too.  So, that no one would disturb him for worldly stuffs.

It’s all about the way you think. Your way of thinking become advance when you are wise. When you question things, you shouldn’t depend on the given answers by others or visible facts. You should explore the depth of that answer through your own wisdom. Then only you will see what is there. Otherwise, you will end up with just a bundle of data and the arguments based on the assumptions and complications will never end.

So, experience the fourth sight for yourself too! Then you will begin to see & experience many things which were hidden to you for years!