The depth of first omen

The depth of first omen

As you can see, we are actually, depending on the definitions we have created, by dividing the “Aging” process as young stage, middle age and old age.  In actual, we are actually bound to only one stage, and that is only the “Aging” process. 

As long as we can’t feel that our body is getting weakened or our hair is getting gray, or we are losing our teeth or wrinkled skin, we won’t believe that we are trapped in the ability of getting old.  We just don’t believe as that is still not visibly appeared… likewise we are deluded by the visible facts and fails to observe the true nature of our OWN body. 

After seeing this omen of old age, there is nothing possibly drives you back to praise the existence.  You won't be looking for ways to keep you not getting old.  You won't be looking for solutions for wrinkles or gray hair.  Wisdom, guides you to accept your true nature as it is!   Basically, after seeing the omen of "Old age" there will be no more wasting time on temporary solutions by believing that "I'm not yet Old and I can delay aging"! Because you see the “Ability” of Aging and how it is happening now!

You will just know when the moment your "omen of old age" comes to you! You will just know what to do next!  Till then all these are just bundle of words and just teachings which you also believe that these are Buddhist Teachings!

In brief;

First Level - There is an ordinary view of life's aging process, which is a blind way, obviously.  Because it is purely relying upon the external, visible facts & stages of life.  This is the view of majority.  This was the view of Channa the Charioteer too.  "We were born...and then we become young... we enter to the middle age... and we enter to the old age as a final stage. Everyone has to face this stage of old age SOMEDAY, but till then we are young.  We are not old" – This First Level View is so limited and purely rely upon the visible facts!

Second Level - There is the extraordinary view of seeing the omen of aging process.  When compared to the first level, this level is filled with little bit of wisdom.  In this level, a person able to see the "Aging process of everything including own self" by its true nature.  This level is not relying upon the visible facts!  And the mind is set to liberate and focused on finding the eternal truth!  

Third Level - The Correct View of Aging process.  This is also can be called as the noble view of Aging process.  This view only can be explained by a Samma Sambuddha or a true disciple of Samma Sambuddha only.  This level is far beyond what is visible and also far deeper than what one sees as the omen of aging process.  Without entering to this level, one can’t truly liberate.

The ordinary view.  Blindly believing anything just because they are easy to understand.  Remember, that's the nature of those who are in the first level.  But at least you should be in the second level of extraordinary view, which dig deeper than what is visible.  So, let's dig deep and clear the conclusions with the noble words of Samma Sambuddha!