An Elderly Being – The First Sight

An Elderly Being – The First Sight

When it comes to the sight of “an Elderly Being” you should reflect your own “aging” through that person. Most of the time, people just notice an elderly being and react accordingly. Some are laughing at them. Some shows' sympathy towards them. Some feels disgust towards them. Some feels love towards them. Some feels' irritation with them. Some are likely to ignore them. Some fear for them. Etc… etc…

But what is actually “Aging” means?   Aren’t we age from the moment of our birth?  But we divide the process of “Aging” into few stages according to the visible changes in the body, mainly.  When the body is in fully active mode, the skin is so fresh, hair is black, or we say not gray, basically 6 senses are fully active, we called this stage “young” and we believe we are not “Old” yet.  And then comes the “Middle age”, not fresh but still “NOT OLD” though.  Then comes the weak body, wrinkles, gray hair and that’s we call “OLD age”.  Until we reach the stage of “OLD AGE” we don’t like to believe that we are aging.  We believe we are young.  If someone says “we are getting old”, most of the people would reply as “you are overthinking” or “yes we are but still we are young” and some says when they are old “Doesn’t matter we are young at heart”.  In every reaction, it clearly shows that such people haven't seen the first omen of an old man yet. 

So, if you observe wisely, you can see the omen of old age through other old aged persons.  When you see the omen, you no longer see you as a young being.  You see the old age person within.  You see, that only actual nature of yours is “Aging”.  Furthermore, you are not delusional by the external facts anymore.  You won’t depend on how you look or how active you are.  Coz in reality you are “Aging” and that is something you can’t be happy about or worthlessness of existence!

This reflection of your true nature makes you feel hurry to search for an exit.  An exit from the existence.  Coz you realize that as long as you are in the existence, this process of "Aging" is something you need to face.  So, your search for a solution starts.  Your search for the liberation begins!  

From the moment you see the omen of “Old Age person”, you see the “Aging” of everything around you. Instead of getting attracted towards with defilement, your mind seeks out for a solution.

Imagine, when you see your beloved one’s aging in this way? When you know exactly that you can’t avoid their aging or yours because it's already happening… How helpless you can be?  Moreover, when you realize that your beloved ones don't see the true nature of "aging" as it is, and they are behaving blindly, how helpless you can be?

Not only for the living things... you reflect the "Aging" of everything around you.  After you sees the omen of "old age", things you're attracted towards are not same as before anymore!  Your mind now looking for liberation from everything!

When you see everything "OLD & AGING" and when you see that's the nature of this existence, your mind purely seeks for the liberation.  It's now fully focused towards The Answer!  The moment your first sight comes to you… you will know it… just feel it, and you will know what to do next!  Till then all these are just bundle of words and just teachings!   

Read how people misunderstood the Prince Siddhartha's First Sight and how it's misleading many people, those who doesn't care to use their own wisdom to think about it deeply!  This is why it is important to use your own wisdom rather than accepting what other says just as it is!