Did you see the Old Man?

Did you see the Old Man?

As we discussed in an earlier chapter, when the day that the prince went out with the charioteer Channa, he wanted to check his friend’s observation over the first omen.  But Channa’s typical answer disappointed the prince more.  The wise prince noticed that not everyone is bright enough to see the unseen or see the things as it is.  So, that makes him sad and wanted to save them more & more.

The prince’s disappointment came to its highest level. How can he enjoy the life while he sees these kinds of trapped people around without even not seeking for a salvation?  Even prince doesn’t know how to help them yet. What is the use of being a King if he can’t help these people?

This is how you will feel when you experience the first omen! How to save yourself from this disease of “Aging” and how to save your beloved ones and others from this. You get your motivation within by seeing the ongoing risk.

So, the prince Siddhartha wasn’t a dumb, delicate young boy who doesn’t even aware of aging or sickness or death like basic factors. He was a bright student from childhood, too.  So, it’s time to clear all these misunderstanding and give the real respect even for the life story of Lord Buddha. There are so many misleading facts such as this fact in the blessed one’s life story. All confusions arise when you are not with the wisdom and not thinking with an open mind! 

It is obvious, though, because just like the charioteer Channa, the majority of us are not wise enough to see the first omen.  Most of us just carried away with the outer appearance and the definition we agreed over those facts.   Our general thought over the old age is like “We are all subjected to aging, and it is something that happened to all beings one day”. It is indeed sounds like that there is no option for it. Like we are destined to old age, so no solution for that… that’s the majority of us sounds like when it comes to these subjects.  But that also gives the hope of having more time TILL THE OLD AGE STAGE. 

The majority are enchanted by being young, and that intoxication feeling of forgetting the rest is something like a trap for those who are unaware of what’s actually going on.  For such people, sight of four omens are very deep teachings.  Forget about the real deep teaching of a Samma SamBuddha, this basic depth of four omen is far confusing for them.  So, it’s obvious they misinterpret the life of Samma SamBuddha as the way it's teaching now. 

So, it is time to arise the most important treasure to your life! The wisdom!