What's wrong

  01 February 2013

When we discuss dhamma what is the base which we should keep in our mind?  Yes you already know that the main point which we should look is that whether the topics which we discuss guide us to increase the desires, hatred & ignorance.  If they are supportive to increase those defilement in us then we should get rid of them. 

So what if we talk about Kings, Robbers, Ministers of state?

What are these topics?  Now a day we rarely find kings & queens.  But we do have presidents who are similar to the post of king.  So, basically these 3 subjects can categorize under the "Politics". 

What happen when we talk about politics?  You think about yourself.  Some are don't like to talk about politics just because they believe this is a dirty & disgusting subject.  Even those people doesn't aware about the dhamma they feel that this is a disgusting subject because of few reasons.  What can be the reasons?

When we begin to talk about politics the subject never ends with a proper conclusion.  Each one discuss from their point of view, people have favors and they discuss from that point of view and they like to see good things about the politics which they like and as each one have different views conflicts arise. 

So, people get in to the parties and argue, fight when it comes to the extremists they kill each other too.  Basically what happen is the level of desire, hatred increased and turned them to the words & actions.  Final result is indiscipline mind, body & words.  

Is this what you want for gain pure happiness?  No, this is what we should get rid of.  So if we talk about the topics which support to increase the ignorance, desire & hatred will it become a support to gain pure happiness or to improve the wisdom?  So think and make your own decision.