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  01 February 2013

What about Relatives, Vehicles, Villages, Various rural areas streets, Towns, cities, Countryside, Women, Heroes, Street, Well (about places where people get together to collect water)?   All these are possible to categorize under the subject of gossip.  We gain nothing but we still love to talk about the people who gather around swimming pools and beaches or about cities or about women etc… etc… these entire subjects guide you to improve the desire. 

When there is high desire arise there is a place for hatred too.  When there is this desire or hatred arises there is ignorance too.  So nothing helpful to gain pure happiness… no peace to mind… stress, restlessness, and various sicknesses arise through the discussions which carries these topics. 

What is wrong with talking about talents, Heroes?  If it is about yourself it helpful to improve the ego, if you talk about others it supports to improve the ego of that other person.  In both ways you are not doing a good thing.  Arise of ego cause to nothing but suffering.  So dhamma is to get rid from the ego and gain true happiness… then why we should talk about the things which support to increase our ego layers?  Think carefully…

Then what is this about Tales of the dead?  We do talk about hungry ghosts in dhamma.  That discussions support to get rid of suffering by realizing how suffering and dangerous this life circle can be for oneself.  Then why this subject is not suitable to discuss.  In here it is not say about the whole subject which explains through the cause & effect.  It's point out a word "poorva" in pali and I can say it means like "prior"… what I feel in here is this can be the things which we talk about others by looking at their behaviors. 

We discuss about the other people and criticize them sometimes by saying "look at them these people surely going to become a hungry ghost because of the things he / she do" etc…  We defile our mind through the prior decision or conclusion about someone else by judging their outer appearances or behaviors.  This is really dangerous… this is a nothing but harmful thing to our self. 

We can't judge another being.  Only Samma Sambuddha has that ability to do it perfectly because blessed one can see that beings whole history throughout this life circle and what that being's future is going to be and etc… so Samma Sambuddha may mean this by saying do not talk about prior hungry ghosts.  Also the tale of the dead make some people scary & that's not good for the weak heart people!