Third Sight of Prince Siddhartha

Third Sight of Prince Siddhartha

We already know now how the four omens of prince Siddhartha’s life story are misinterpreted according to the view of majority beings. So, in the Sukumāla Sutta (A Delicate Lifestyle)” in pali canon, the Samma Sambuddha explained how the blessed one noticed the third omen as a teen prince. How the “Third Sight of a dead being” changes the way of thinking about “death” of the wise prince.  In there, the blessed one explains how wisely he observed his surrounding and what he realized from them.  And also, it clearly explains the effect of the third omen too.

The life story of Samma SamBuddha has twisted with many false facts just to prove the view of majority is what the wise prince had too.  Many like to say “Oh… he was a human being too… not any super being” etc. IF BEING HIGHLY WISE is supernatural then of course the prince Siddhartha was also a super being and just a human being with very ordinary view.

The prince has seen the death and natural food cycle when he was just few months old.  He happened to contemplate the death and the nature of life cycles as a child.  Of course, this sounds so superstitious to those who have an ordinary view depend on basic visible facts.  But that’s what you are missing here.  There is so much to understand & realize beyond what is visible and the range of basic understanding.

The twisted story says kind Suddhodhana (father of Prince Siddhartha) kept “death” unnoticeable to the prince in the kingdom.  But he happened to notice death as a child who is few month-old… and prince knew that his mother was dead… and prince always tried to save animals from the cruelty of other princess like Devadatta while they were practicing the archery and other royal stuffs.

See, how ordinary being analyses things? See, how limited & close their view is?  When they say “death”, they remember only the death of human beings.  They can’t even focus on the death of every being or everything at once.  Aren’t you feel scared for this view?  Aren’t you feel trapped with this kind of mindset?

Before one interpret the life story of wisest being happened to this universe, they should definitely check on their interpretation on their own self, and own wisdom.  Otherwise, things happen which should not happen and mislead many and keep them away from seeking the eternal truth!