A Dead Being – The Third Sight

A Dead Being – The Third Sight

We did talk about the “Death” in previous chapters! Talking is not just enough. Yes! You should observe the “Death” as “The Sight” “The Omen”. Then only you can sense the hidden deep meanings behind these words.

Till then, Buddhism is just another negative teaching which always talk about the negative emotions in our lives. Isn’t it? Never mind, I create this whole website to give some glimpse of pure Buddhism, and what we identify as negativity and what actual negativity is. 

Without discussing openly where we got mistaken or misunderstood, how can one possibly find the correct path?  Without knowing what real negativity is, how can one knows what the real positivism is?  So, without observing what the “Death” really is, how one can get rid of the death?

As you already know, the majority of us are in the first level of believing and accepting things based on the visible facts.  Whether it is being old or being sick or anything, we define things according to the way we see it.  And the way we see it always depends on how they visibly appear.  As you see, the observation is very basic!

So, when we come to the topic of death, it is obvious that your mind will take you to the death which is already defined by you.  The basic visible facts. Etc… We believe we have time and death is yet to come.  But not sooner of course, and it is obvious, most of us like to live as long as we can. That’s why hospitals and doctors have business, after all. Aren’t they? Ha ha ha…:)

Imagine you buy your smartphone, and you are so much concern about the warranty period of it. Most of them are not even ready to buy without any warranty period for their items. Smartphone may get a warranty period of a 1 or 2 years… but who gave you the warranty period? Can’t you die on your way home with your new smartphone? Don’t you have chances to die without even using your smartphone with 1- or 2-year warranty?  Can’t you see how fragile you are?

Imagine you get a cancer or some other deadly diseases, and you get the medical confirmation of your death within 2 days. How will you live on those 2 days? If you are wise, you live it fully, but if you are ignorant, you live it miserably!

Even now, you & I have the same death certificate in our hand. Though it is invisible, yes, we have it… it's right there with us! Warranty period can be 1 or 2 days… or 1 or 2 months… or years … but still the “Death is coming to you!” It is our real birthday gift! Like a ticking bomb!

But how ready are you? Unfortunately, you live this period miserably instead of living it fully!   The common identification of living the life fully is the miserable way of living the life.

You can only live your life fully when you know the truth about your own self!  When you know the reality of you and what’s around you… when you're aware about the risk and real troubles and real dangers, then only you can live your life fully! If you can assure that you are not going to have the “Death” anymore, then only you can live your life fully! But as long as you see the “Death” in the “Dead bodies” you still didn’t see the Omen of Death”!

Until you observe the “Death” as a “Omen” you will mourn in the funerals and proudly will try to share your sympathy with others by saying this same thing is going to happen to all of us one day too… etc… etc… like I said earlier, till you realize these omens, these will be just words to you! So be hurried and be alert!

As long as you didn’t see the “Death” as “The Omen”, you are, or I are like a walking dead… you know… a zombie… and we are affecting others also with the same disease call “Death” … So, it’s time to observe these “Omens”!   Reflect your own death through dead bodies with its deeper meaning!