Let's not being an Option

Let's not being an Option

Most common definition for the “OPTION” is; one thing that can be chosen from a set of possibilities, or the freedom to make a choice.

For an example when we have 4 kind of cakes we have 4 options to select. So, we can choose according to the way we wish.  Like this, our mind is always seeking for “options” as that makes our life easier... Because we can choose according to our wish… This how life is rolling… isn't it!

Now imagine,

You get married to a person.  You had various options and you selected the one which you believed to be right for you.  Then after the marriage most of the women & men are thinking about the option they had and option they have right now… Main cause to the adultery is to have many options to select than the wife or the husband… 

Imagine you have 4 cakes… one you already tasted and you didn’t like the taste…  What happen when you have options?  You go for the other 3… aren’t you…

But what will happen when you apply this same method to the living beings? 

Is it good thing to do?

Unfortunately, many are believing & comparing the same situation to this example. 

When man or a woman don’t like the taste of their own spouse, they are looking for more tastes. 

Now think from the other side of the story…

What will happen when you are ready to become an OPTION to those husbands who are looking for different tastes?

What will happen when you are ready to become an OPTION to those Wives who are looking for different tastes?

If you strictly stick to the point of “NOT BEING AN OPTION” there marriage might be save… they might of have find better solution to save their married life and live happily!

I came across such situations in my life many times.  At the beginning my father found a woman who was ready to become an option for him… So, he selected that option instead of my mother.  Result was divorce and abandon child! 

In my teenage & as a young girl before I marry, I have come across many men who were looking for me as an option to fulfill their desires.  But I strictly stick to the rules of my own which is “Not being an Option”.  And many of their marriage live got saved and some of the wives are still thanking me for not being the option and advising their husbands when they wondered around with ignorance. 

Many women & men also decided become an option.  Because they get emotionally blackmailed by the married men or women sad stories of “How unhappy they are with the current taste”. 

Seriously! The listener should be wise enough to understand all these illusory explanations.  Think about a person who can’t satisfy with one taste, will he be stick to the other tastes he gets? 

The more you become an option to someone, they more you will suffer of being rejected at some point!

So, be wise… find the cause & cease the cause!  Then you don’t have to worry about the results or consequences arise to make your life miserable! 

How Dhamma helps in this situation?

It will open you a door to identify the reality of every options you have.  When you get to know about them you will not needing any options any more.  You will know how to satisfy with what you already have!  

Happiness arise with wisdom… It’s a wise decision you make with your life! So, stay in touch to get rid of being an option! 

Because, you deserve way better!